Last Week In Music

Each week, I'll be highlighting what music i'm listening to, what caught my attention, and who is making waves in my corner of the world.

Let's dive right in.


Daveed Diggs & Rafael Casal - Easy Come, Easy Go (from the BLINDSPOTTING Motion Picture Soundtrack)

This was an automatic bop for me. From the beat giving me "A Milli" vibes to these two going in with the fire flows that switch up at a blistering pace, color me pleasantly surprised. The immensely talented Daveed Diggs has other works that should not go unnoticed. Check them out and enjoy the lyrical heft that he possesses. Rafael is no slouch either. He is more in tune with acting and poetry (according to his YouTube page) but when he flexes, he goes in.


Nicki Minaj - Barbie Dreams 

Once the initial confusion passes, and you realize just what Nicki did by flipping the B.I.G. classic, one of the funniest, boldest tracks on her latest album "Queen" takes the mantle and dismantles all your faves male rappers by putting them in their place. The Queen hath spoken and is taking no prisoners, only subjects.


The Siege - "Voodoo (Fight The Power)"

Imagine pre-45 Kanye mixed with AWOLNATION to create a rap rock blend that has lyrical bite with powerful music to back it up. Imagine no more with The SIege. Seemingly everything they have put out hits with about as much weight as a monster truck smashing landing your car. Just make sure you're cruising and listening to them instead of being parked out front.



It seems like every few years a hip hop posse comes out and stakes a claim in the music world. Wu-Tang did it. Cash Money did it. Young Money tried it. Odd Future reinvented it. Now it's BROCKHAPMTON'S turn. With as many rappers and singers as diverse as the backgrounds they come from, their track "SWEET" stands out to me as it was one of the first I listened to after discovering them for myself. Hopefully their dynamic styles and natures strikes you as much as it struck me.


G.L.A.M. - LOL

"They coming in waves, I'm coming in oceans... ain't nothing but flow here." G.L.A.M. could not be further from a lie. Her name being an acronym for Good Lyrics And Music, she has garnered acclaim from industry vets, puts out music consistently displaying her artistic growth and happens to be one of my faves and inspiration. Dope doesn't do her justice. I think listening and supporting might do the trick.


That's it for this week. Stay tuned for some other goodies to be posted soon.



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